Prescribed Burn Associations


Prescribed fire is an important tool for forest restoration and wildfire risk reduction, but it has been largely unavailable to small, private landowners. That’s where Prescribed Burn Associations (PBAs) come in. To implement prescribed fire safely and effectively, PBAs connect landowners, community members, and other interested local stakeholders and provide them with needed support, resources, and training. It’s not a new idea, but it’s new to Washington!

Burning together is better. We are working to support the development of PBAs across the state to give landowners a leg up in prescribed fire. We connect with local leaders who want to start their own PBA and provide them with connections and networking with others, technical assistance and mentorship, learning opportunities, financial assistance, and more. providing support, resources, and connections to local leaders who want to start their own PBA.

See how we are connecting and learning from others to support the growth of community-led fire in Washington:

Sharing Lessons and Knowledge at the PBA Learning Exchange