Empowering communities today,
building resilience for tomorrow.
Our Vision
Washington’s communities and landscapes exhibit resilience in the face of environmental and economic issues.
Our Mission
To empower communities by equipping them with the tools, resources, capacity, and connections necessary to adapt to the changing world.


Communities across Washington face significant natural resource challenges, often lacking the necessary tools and resources to address them effectively. These challenges are exacerbated by the dynamic and ever-changing nature of our environment and economic systems, requiring innovative and collaborative solutions.

The WRC&D takes a multifaceted approach to supporting communities’ adaptation to these changing conditions. We believe resilience stems from solid community connections, partnerships, and relationships, which are essential for achieving effective outcomes. We recognize that change is inevitable, whether anticipated or unknown, and that resilient communities are better equipped to weather such changes.

OUR Focus


Community Wildfire Resilience

Actively engaging with wildfire is a way of life that Washington must re-learn, and refine. We experimented with trying to eliminate fire for the last 100+ years, but the hard truth is Washington and wildfire are inseparable.

Learn how we are helping local leaders to take action and help Washington better live with wildfire.


Salmon Habitat

Salmon, icons of Washington’s natural and cultural heritage, play an essential role in the health and function of our ecosystems.

Despite facing myriad challenges, from habitat loss to fishing pressures, salmon persist as resilient symbols of our environmental stewardship.

Explore our collaborative efforts with local organizations aimed at revitalizing critical salmon habitats.


Prescribed Fire

In our world, we envision a place where communities and landscapes are ready to receive fire.

Discover how we are working to empower communities to reclaim fire as a vital tool for restoration and wildfire risk reduction while fostering collaboration and resilience for a more sustainable future.

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