Yakima Community Wildfire Protection Plan


The people of Yakima, along with nonprofits and government agencies, united to find the most effective solutions for preserving the city’s unique culture, diverse landscape, and core values. With support from the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the Washington State Conservation Commission, the WRC&D worked with Yakima County stakeholders to craft a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) to combat the threat of wildfires and safeguard the well-being of the community. This comprehensive plan, developed by a collaborative effort, serves to clarify and enhance local objectives in safeguarding lives, homes, and critical infrastructure. By prioritizing areas where citizens live, work, and play, whether on private or public land, the CWPP outlines crucial measures such as managing vegetation, preparing for fire emergencies, educating the community, and promoting wildfire resilience and recovery.

In addition to drafting the CWPP, the WRC&D developed a complementary Resident Mitigation Guide and Yakima CWPP Story Map.