Yakima Tributary Access & Habitat Program


The Yakima Tributary Access & Habitat Program (YTAHP) is a shining example of conservation in action. Since its inception in 2001, this program has been dedicated to revitalizing crucial salmon habitats with the help of landowners.

YTAHP aims to restore salmonid passage, protect fish from diversion entrainment, and enhance riparian and instream habitat in Yakima River tributaries on private lands. Through the YTAHP Program, landownwers voluntarily collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including local, state, tribal, and federal entities. Together, the partners prioritize project development, implementation, and monitoring to maximize watershed benefits – and brings together people and nature for a common cause.

The WRC&D is responsible for managing grants, accounting, and contracting with Kittitas Conservation District, North Yakima Conservation District, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to implement fish passage and habitat projects in the Yakima Basin. We work closely with BPA and other organizations to monitor progress, track, and report on investments and outcomes, and facilitate regular meetings to keep all stakeholders informed across three counties in the Yakima Basin.



Since 2001, YTAHP has worked to develop, design, permit, and construct more than 221 projects in Yakima River tributaries.  As of 2022, our accomplishments have been:

  • Restored fish passage to 251 miles of Yakima River tributary habitat used by salmonids for spawning and rearing.
  • Screened 452 cubic feet per second (58,922 acre feet) of water to prevent fish entrapment.
  • Trusted 67.6 cubic feet per second (3,876 acre-feet) of water to instream flow for fish use.
  • Revegetated 222 acres and 17 miles of stream for riparian habitat.
  • Expended $15.6 million toward fish access and habitat restoration.
  • Leveraged $26.9 million in funding from other sources for project implementation.


  • January 17 – Ellensburg
  • February 21- Yakima
  • March 20- Ellensburg
  • April 17- Yakima
  • May 15- Ellensburg
  • June 19 – Yakima
  • July 17- Ellensburg
  • August 21- Yakima
  • September 18- Ellensburg
  • October 16- Yakima
  • November 20- Ellensburg
  • December 18– Yakima



People and Salmon Are Connected

We Embrace Shared Stewardship & Responsibility